Tattoo artist Silo's Soft Colors Tattoos Resemble Watercolor Paintings

Due to the nature of tattoo art and the way it has to be painted on, it's very difficult to create abstract, painting-like figures on skin. But one South Korean tattoo artist has managed the impossible: Creating real, watercolor-inspired paintings on skin, with intricate yet subtle designs and soft lines. Silo (pronounced Shil-loh) is becoming an artist of renown on Instagram, with over 15,000 followers and hundreds of likes on each of her artworks.

Silo and her team of artists have set upon a journey to revolutionize the world of tattoo art by creating work that defies expectations for the style. Needles are difficult tools to work with, and being able to paint real pictures with them is a feat, to be sure.

This pair of feet displays an ornate array of flowers of all kinds, with one pair growing up past the ankle.

Feathers generally have to be simplified when it comes to tattoos, but these dreamcatchers are as intricate as it gets – while still retaining a degree of ethereal haziness.

Nothing like painting a full picture: Tree, flowers and birds alike are all invited to this beautiful party.

Focusing on another aspect of nature, this whale and its young turn the subject's skin into an ocean. You could almost imagine the animals traveling along the body they're decorating.

A lotus flower floats on this subject's leg amid deep blue water. The water's design here is particularly striking, as there's barely enough to fully illustrate the concept, yet plenty to feed the imagination.

For a more daring design – and location – this one features a beautiful bouquet. This tattoo, above all others, evokes an abstract painting, the likes of which you'd find in museums. The colors look like they've been allowed to just spread naturally on the skin and solidify there.

For those worried about colors fading and making their tattoos look less striking over time, Majestic Tattoo NYC suggests keeping your tattoo's colors vibrant over the years by applying lotion on a regular basis. Tanning is also not recommended if you wish to conserve the palette as much as possible.

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